Training Academy

Centre for high quality, student
focused, learning

“Committed to upholding the highest standards for both teaching and learning”.

The Training Academy at Shaw Therapy Centre is a private training school dedicated to the delivery of high quality, student focused, learning.

The small classes (maximum class size 12), provide the perfect opportunity for our tutors to work with and support individuals and classes in delivering a focused, supported learning environment. The class sizes, allow our students to build strong
and lasting relationships with their classmates and help nurture a supportive environment helping everyone achieve their very best.

Our tutors are all qualified,  experienced and are still actively involved in their field (in addition to holding teaching qualifications). They help provide a rich, real-world experience that we believe is second to none.

Being based inside Shaw Therapy Centre means our students get the opportunity to undertake skills work in rooms used by therapist on a daily basis.

The academy works closely with the awarding bodies and is committed to upholding the highest of standards in both the teaching and student experience.

We would love to welcome you to our growing community of students.

Counselling Courses in Oldham, Greater Manchester

Level 2

Counselling Concepts

This course is for those who wish to return to study, seek a career change, undertake voluntary work, enhance career prospects through extra qualifications or train as professional counsellors. This is a ten week course, each lesson lasting three hours

Courses are available both daytime and evening.

Level 3

Certificate in Counselling Skills

You must have completed a Level 2 Counselling Concepts course before considering the Level 3

The course itself is ran over a twelve month period, each lesson lasting 4 hours with both daytime and evening classes available

Level 4

Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

This course is the final stage of counsellor training and focuses on the personal and professional development of the individual to work as a fully functioning practitioner.

The course is primarily aimed at those who want to work as counsellors but we recognise that some maybe undertaking the course to complement their work in other professions such as teaching, nursing, medicine, etc.

This course is very challenging both personally and academically and you must be certain, in so far as you can say in that moment, that you are able to commit to the course and can meet the academic level.

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