Counseling Psychology Graduate Programs

#1counselingCounseling psychology is a growing field, offering a variety of options for working with people at all stages of life and with varying degrees of anxiety, challenges and mental disorders.

Effectively working in this field generally requires completing one of the many counseling psychology graduate programs accredited by the American Association of Psychologists (APA) or possessing regional accreditation.

Earning a Counseling Psychology Degree

Completing a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, even with an emphasis on counseling, opens few doors to long lasting careers in the field.

While a person with such an undergraduate degree can find a job as a school counselor, or perhaps working in the corporate section, better paying, more exciting careers require one to have graduated from one of the many counseling psychology graduate programs or one of the clinical psychology graduate programs that abound. Why not start looking now and Request Information HERE?.

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For today’s busy adult, online education can be an excellent avenue to a career in counseling. There are many online programs today which allow a person with an existing Bachelor’s degree in any subject to earn a Master’s in two years and a PhD in an additional two years.

Often, these programs help provide skills that are directly transferable to the workplace, usually incorporating required internships or residencies. Among the online schools to offer counseling degrees are the following:

Capella University offers a PhD in counseling psychology. This degree is done completely online, with the exception of three required seminars held around the United States.

Fielding Graduate University has a PhD in counseling; this rigorous program requires a 3.0 undergraduate GPA for admissions.

Union Institute and University has a fully online PhD. This program places new students into a cohort, to progress through the program together, providing students with support and a sense of engagement.

Walden University has an entirely online graduate program in clinical child psychology, helping prepare one to counsel children, specifically.

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The Right Counseling Psychology Program for You

Choosing the right graduate program is very much a personal choice, dependent upon your current life circumstances and your goals. A traditional program at a brick and mortar school can provide more opportunities for role playing and exploring live scenarios in counseling and therapy. Find out the facts by clicking HERE?.

An online university can allow flexibility in your schedule and is particularly well suited to working adults with a family. Whichever you choose, ensure the program is accredited and culminates in your learning the skills necessary to move directly into the job of your dreams.

A Future in Counseling Psychology

A degree in psychology will prepare you to work directly with clients in any variety of settings. From working with children in the educational system, helping them make choices for their future, to working with the elderly as they adapt to their increasing need for assistance, counseling psychologists work with people in all stages of life, from all avenues of society, helping them better prepare for and adapt to the world around them, living a better life.

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